Saturday, March 19, 2011


I am the plumber with leaky pipes. Okay, not exactly...but I am the photographer with very few images printed on my walls. It does make me sad. I know. It's really a shame, right?! I am SLOWLY changing that. Over the next few months, I am going to be sorting & looking through the thousands of images trying to narrow down what I HOPE to print for our walls. It has been the task that I have wanted to do so much, but have always been so busy that the task seemed so overwhelming. Sure, I blog (well, not so much anymore..yikes!) or put many on facebook...but then life would get in the way or I didn't have the funds to get exactly what I wanted. Did I mention I am picky? By picky, I have a hard time buying pictures along the way to use. I have a design in my mind that I want to do on my instead of just diving in & doing it...I just prolong it. Anyway...enough about my procrastination. Did I mention I am honest? **See the above paragraph for that confirmation**

So, in honor of my decision to SLOWLY get working on my own wall photos for our home...I printed the picture below of Amara. I printed it in a 12x12 because I am working on my little photo project...a collage along the piano. My mom bought us a piano from my aunt for Makenzie to start taking lessons and using the top of the piano, I want to line it with various sizes of prints. So, with that being's to me seeing this little project to completion! :-)

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The Mangin Family said...

I can't wait to see what you end up with. Share each pic along the way... I too want "just the right pics" and the result is a photo collage wall that has no pics... well some backwards, old ones... For the kids' playroom, I finally said, who cares if they're the perfect ones, ordered 5 canvases and love them. Are there better pics? Yes, but would I have a collage done if I spent forever waiting to find them? Nope. So good luck on the quest for pics I know whatever you pick will be amazing!