Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Superheroes & such.

This boy. This amazing little boy. Who can totally pull off a Spiderman costume, right? :-) But, really, this little boy is insanely wise. Crazy witty & quite emotional. I mean, his heart is 100 lbs. of gold. He loves superheroes, storms (but only talking about them!), books, art, graphics...and when I say art & graphics...I mean he wants to make movies for kids that are not rated PG-13. (long story...but I laugh everytime!) His eyes welt with tears when we talk about the homeless, the poor, the hurting. I have never witnessed anything like his heart in a little child. And this is MY child. God gave him to us. I have learned so much from his little quivering lip as he asks if we can sell some stuff to give people who have nothing. I've learned that his tears are God given. A passion that can't be taught. It is raw; it is real. Sometimes I wonder where my tears are? And then they flow when I see Madden's heart. They flow when I realize that God gave Madden to us. Madden has taught me about a sensitivity that we all need in our lives. When scripture says that children are a gift, a blessing from the Lord...nothing could be more true.

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