Friday, December 17, 2010

Good ideas with not so good results...

I was way ahead of the game this year with my Christmas shopping. I actually am done with our children. So, I went ahead & wrapped all of their gifts & they are all under the tree & have been for the last 3 weeks. For the first few days, the kids kept begging to open gifts. It was driving me bonkers. So, I decided that I would never wrap all the gifts that early again! However, then, I had a good idea...could it be? A threat for good behavior? Sad, I know...but, a busy, tired, one can predict what "idea" she'll come up with next. I had this bright idea that if the kids had a very serious misbehavior or something that I would tell them to take one of their gifts out from under the tree & go put it in our bedroom to be given away. It seemed to work for a few days, but then the gifts started being taken away for bad deeds. And the kids were choosing the "smallest" gifts to put in our room which started dawning on me...they are taking the small ones, but the small ones are all the Nintendo DS games!!! AHHHHH! Those are $30 games! So, I came up with the idea that they could "earn" them back. See my dilemna...such a stupid idea!!!!! But, I can't go back on this now. So, at this point, we have a pile of gifts from misbehaving kids & it's just so dumb. I may be intelligent...but I'm kind of a moron this time! haha! The kicker was when sweet little Madden hit his sister & he had to take one of his gifts from under the tree & put it in our room. He was so, so, so sad. So, sad, that as I worked on some work at the computer, he walked over to me with a pair of scissors in his hands making snipping sounds and says to me..."for every gift you make me put away, I'm going to cut one of your papers on your desk into pieces." At first I was grateful that he didn't say he'd cut me up into pieces because then I'd have to wonder about the possibilty of a serial killer...but then I realized once again...what a dumb idea the stupid present take away idea was.

Anyone else ever make up a stupid idea for discipline? Don't deny it....haha!!!

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Gareth Robins said...

We use a thing called "The Ladder of Certain Doom" to manage bad behaviour. It works on kids that can understand time, so Miss3 doesn't quite get it, but Mr5 certainly knows the consequences. I works like this.

Write each childs bedtime at the top of a piece of paper, then draw a ladder below, decreasing their bedtime in 15m intervals. Stick it on the fridge and let them each choose a fridge magnet to mark their position.

If bad behaviour occurs, take their bedtime down one rung. If it doesn't stop with a 1..2..3 count, take it down again until it stops.

If their new bedtime catches up with the current time, they go to bed. Even if that means no dinner (trust me, that will only happen once, and they can always have a sandwich later on)

So after their bedtime has been reduced, you give them the chance to earn it back by completing certain tasks. Have them pre-decided and written on a card. Some things might earn back more, e.g. cleaning their room is a bigger job than sweeping the yard.

I've found this teaches them to change their behaviour themselves (because bedtime will keep reducing until they stop the bad behaviour themself).

Love to hear if this works for you