Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New rule at our house, I guess.

It's funny. Maybe it's a mom thing. Maybe it's a mood thing. Maybe it's a photographer thing. But, some days my kids just have so much cuteness going on that it's hard not to pull out the camera. Amara had been having just this super cute day & she was dressed so cute, too. (thank you Target clearance!!...Amara has grown since last year & I think this whole outfit costed $15...coat included! I don't buy many clothes this was a good deal out of necessity.)

Anyway, the new rule from my children is "5 minutes" for pictures. I don't even take as many of them as I used to...but Amara was like..."only 5 minutes...and then I'm done & will run away from the camera." Well, she hammed it up for 5 minutes! I'll take it!! I can h-a-r-d-l-y believe she is going to be 4 years old very soon! I can't even fathom it. These last few years have flown by. It's crazy. Please enjoy these pictures of her. She is cuter than ever. :-)

She must watch her big sister pose...these pictures are completely unguided. SO funny!


MY favorite!

This was on minute 6. See, she ran away.

One more look on minute 7. rule.

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