Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Makenzie's first day of school!

I know, I know. It's been a really long time since I last blogged. Summer is crazy with work & vacation & all of that. So, I just let it all go. Getting back into the fall, I get a little more time to update. :-)

I can hardly believe Makenzie is in 3rd grade. She is getting so grown up! And more & more like I was when I was younger every day. Which I apologize now to my mom VERY often for the way I behaved! Makenzie is definitely a strong girl & a leader. And sometimes with that strong personality she has ALL the answers & a comment for everything. I find her saying & doing the SAME things I used to do to my mother. With all that being said, though...I'm really thankful that she is strong & doesn't let people mistreat her or walk all over her & feels confident to be heard. I hope she keeps that attitude during the tough teenage years, but I pray every day that God will help her use those strengths for HIS glory. I'm also learning that it is okay to look at Tim during an "episode" of strong will where Makenzie & I are butting heads & tell him...okay...I'll let you handle this now. Some things are just not worth it & I have to learn that. She's teaching ME more than she knows!

On to some pictures...YES, Makenzie LET me take some pictures of her. But, she did say...ONLY 5 MINUTES, MOM. I said..."hey, girl...give me 5 minutes...that's all I need." Haha. Oh, if you could see the two of us sometimes. It's quite funny.

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