Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

We had a very nice, relaxing Mother's Day. :-) We ended the day with a BBQ with family & some impromptu Mother's Day pictures. When I say "impromptu"'s because it wasn't planned & by the looks of the'll see. :-) Nor were any of us...But, I had my camera & I thought it would be nice to take a few pictures of my sisters with their kids & then I actually got in front of the camera. VERY RARE!!! INDEED!! Not my favorite place in the world to be...but I don't think I did too bad...nor did my sister Shannon taking the pics! Enjoy. :-)

P.S. We celebrated with my mom earlier in the week because she is a nurse & works nights. So, she was sleeping on Mother's Day!!! :-) We missed her. And my other sister Amber, spent mother's day with Wayne's mom! We missed them, too!

My sister Shannon & her two girls; Kayleigh & Madelyn. {LOVE}

My sister Amy & her son, Carson. :-)

Me with my babies. :-) Makenzie, Madden & Amara. Madden was in one picture before he ran off & I don't think Amara knew what to do with me being in pictures. haha. She was kind of sad & clingy for a bit & didn't want to smile...but it's who she is sometimes. Very shy & clingy. :-)

These moments, I know, will be few & far between as this little girl continues to grow. So, I'm stealing them as often as I can!!! I can hardly believe my baby girl is 8.

Oh, this boy is a little love!!!

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