Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Pacifiers, Diapers & Pull-ups...

What do all 3 of these things have in common? Nothing in our house! Amara was using a pacifier just at bedtime. I know...I'm a bad mommy! But, she's the youngest & our last one!!! It broke my heart to take it away! But, in my defense...we've had a lot going on the past year with moving & new things happening...so I didn't want to change one more thing for her. Anyway...a few weeks ago, Amara lost her one last remaining pacifier before bedtime. And it's been gone ever since! She fussed for about 5 minutes that night & hasn't asked for it since. HOORAY! (By the way...I found her pacifier the next day in the refrigerator. Yes...in our house...you never know what turns up in the fridge!) So, all in the span of 2009, we've completed the diaper stage, the potty training stage, the pull up stage & now the pacifier stage. And OH MY does it feel so good to not have to buy that stuff anymore!!! These are major milestones here. I tell ya. :-) And on that note....here's Miss Amara. :-)

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