Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Barely squeezed it in...

Admist the busyness of the photography fall season...I managed to squeeze in my own kids this past weekend! I take pictures all the time...but the grandparents need some new pics & I wanted to give them pictures that were "non-christmas" to have in their frames. I'm still pondering my christmas don't expect those anytime soon! This is just one picture, yet I was very happy at how conservative I was. I didn't over take anything & got what I needed & it was a wrap in under 45 minutes...even going to 2 locations. We may have gone longer if Amara hadn't decided to wet her pants at the end. :-) She said she had to go...but I thought we had another 5 minutes. Next time we'll learn that "I have to go potty" means...right now. haha.

Anyway, enjoy a pic. This is all I had time to go through...busy! I can't believe how much older they all look compared to looking at last year's pictures. Wow!

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