Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Miss Amara is turning 3!

Wow. Our baby is 3! I can't even begin to fathom where the time has gone! It seems like yesterday we were coming home from the hospital scared to death because Madden & Amara were only 15 months apart. {which by the way...that first year is still a complete blur!} But, we made it through & I just cannot believe she's 3. :-(

Amara is now in preschool & is having so much fun. She loves her friends & her class & her teachers. Once we got past her not wanting milk at school because she does not like it & that was causing her some anxiety...she's smooth sailing. :-) Amara is such a sweet little girl. So funny & silly, too. She is extremely independent with many things...but a complete last child/baby of the family with other things. She hasn't had to be taught how to do much...she just gives things her all and figures them out. Much to my surprise several months ago when she got herself all dressed & shoes on and buckled?! I was like...I guess Amara can buckle her own shoes. haha. She sat there and worked and worked until she got it. Her most recent feat has been peddling her little three wheeler all by herself. She's so little and has such short legs that she can barely reach the pedals...but she mastered that finally. It's just so sad, yet awesome to see her independence. She's such a little sweetheart. We love her very much.

We had her birthday party last evening so I'll try to post some pictures soon. It was so much fun! :-)

A few weeks ago...the kids were playing outside & for once I took my camera out & took a few pictures. :-) Happy Birthday, Amara Mae. We love you SOOOOO much!





Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's crazy, I know...

Wow. It's September already & school is well underway! Ahhhhh! I'm hoping to be able to pick up a little on some blogging through the winter. I've just been completely & utterly consumed with finishing up sessions & weddings every chance I can when I am able to be on the computer.

Lots of new exciting things in our family! We moved into our own place. YAY. Long overdue for sure. But, exciting nonetheless. Trying to work towards some goals and hopefully be able to be in our forever house...someday. :-)

I'm now working part time at Makenzie's elementary school as a special education assistant. I really, really love it. It's challenging & so rewarding as I am working one on one with 2 children. Both with varying learning challenges & disabilities...but it's amazing to grasp what people in special education do in our schools. I never realized how much they do & take on. It's the perfect job for me during the school year! The licensing & hire process was really crazy, but definitely well worth it to get into an awesome school district & be at an amazing school. I work 8:15-11:45 and Amara goes to preschool & Madden is in the 4K program. So, I pick them up at 12. I have the afternoons free to be with them & I can maneuver & fit my photography in wherever I need to. And summers off! :-) Slowly but surely, getting our feet on the ground.

Makenzie is in 2nd grade. Wow! She loves it & is really liking her teacher. And it's nice because one of the little girls I work with is actually in Makenzie's class...so I get to be in her class for 45 minutes during some of their main structured academic time...so I get to see first hand what they're learning. :-) Makenzie was a little shy at first being that she's at a new school...but quickly made some nice friends & has put together quite the neighborhood block party every day at our house complete with water & soda sales (yes...my children & their friends set up a table outside in front of our house & offer water for free or for 50 cents?!?!), popsicle treats for all the neighbor kids & tonight...ice cream. Tim & I have always said that we want our house to be the house that all the kids come to. I really like having all the kids riding bikes over around our block & playing out in our yard & coming into our home & playing in our playroom. And I always make sure to stock the cabinets & freezer with fun snacks for everyone. I just feel what better way for us to live out the love of Jesus than to open up our home & lives to others. If we truly believe that everything that we have is not really ours...then what better way to strive to live that out & teach our children to do the same. Yes, the door revolves a lot & yes there are lots of kids playing catch or riding bikes all over...but, I love to see my children reaching out to others & inviting them over to play.

I know that a post is no good without a picture...but I seriously have exported all my family photos off of my computer onto a separate external hard drive & I am just as lazy as ever right now to go get it & upload a few. So...I will try to get some pictures up one of these days. :-)

Instead, I will just offer a challenge. What can you do this week to share the love of Christ & be REAL? Who is in your life that you could reach out to? What things are you good at that you could use to bless other people? And after answering those questions...act! Be positive & make a difference in YOUR world...the place you are at each & every day. Be a light to a world competing for our attention & stand out. :-)