Monday, June 08, 2009


1. The state of being contented; satisfaction.
2. A source of satisfaction

Stirring is good. Sometimes I see something on t.v., sometimes I might read something somewhere, sometimes people say things or do things that may not be necessarily wrong...but it stirs up in me concerns about humanity, myself and our world. I am a thinker. I just want to know the "why's" in life. I just want to know what makes people tick, what makes them make the decisions that they do and understand why people are the way they are. Sometimes, I guess to make sense of such carelessness...but sometimes to honestly really understand people and in return the ability to understand myself even more. Anytime I feel a knot in my stomach when I see something or hear something...I have to ask myself why does that bother me? And sometimes, I may have been letting my self jump the gun on something really irrelevant, but sometimes, I take those knots and they make me dig deeper to fully understand myself and those around me.

My latest stirring has been with the concept of contentment. I happened to be on Twitter and saw about 20 people make comments about the new iphone upgrade that is coming out. Not comments, that looks cool or that looks amazing...but comments like...I am going to "accidently" run over my iphone on June 17th...or who wants to buy a 3 week old iphone or now I have to spend more money to have the latest & greatest. Sure, many are probably I am not going to take what they have said to the bank and harp on those "tweets"...but it really made me think about my own sense of contentment. What do I desire? What do I want more of? What do I feel that I am lacking if anything? What are my prioritites? What are my real needs? What are my wants? And while thinking about my answers, I wasn't really sure what it is that I want if anything "materialistically" speaking. I am not saying that in a prideful sense at all...I am just saying it because of the situations our lives have been in over the last few years...God has really had to show me where my "heart" truly is. I never really have thought it was necessary to have the best of anything. Maybe I wanted larger quantities of things...but I am fairly simple. But, to say that is easy. To really ponder and think about my heart and where my contentment lies involves more thought along these lines: What do I spend my time thinking about? What do I spend my time doing? What do I plan for myself? These to me are a bigger indication of where my heart truly is. I can tell people that I don't have a problem with discontentment...but if I spend my time thinking about all the things I want to get or spend my time getting more and more of things or if I become angry or jealous of others who have things...then I am really fooling myself into thinking I am content.

I have to admit, this country does not make it easy to feel content. With constant advertisements & commercials displaying to us the newest & coolest things or the best gadgets & inventions to make our lives "easier". It's not easy when you walk down the aisles of any department store or through the doors of any mall and not feel like what we have is mediocre at best. It's not easy to drive down the street and see huge, beautiful homes. But, I have really had to pray and ask God to show me what I value. Show me what I desire. And I have had to allow him to change many wrong attitudes and thoughts through my asking. You see, it's easy to say one thing and do another in this world because there is a big majority of people who live like that. We see our goverment behaving like that, big corporations living like that and individual leaders living like that. And sometimes we feel that if everyone is doing it...then we can somehow justify doing it, too. Doesn't make it right...but it sure makes it feel okay sometimes. And in all of our cravings, desiring and wanting...I don't necessarily think it makes someone horrible...but is it good for oneself? Is it building oneself up? Or is it silly? Worthless? If we truly cannot take anything with us when we leave...I would have to vouch that all the things we crave or "have to have" are in essence; really silly.

So, in the midst of my little "stirring" today, I hope that I was able to stir someone else's heart up. I hope that you will think about your own life. Your own priorities. And be real with yourself. And be honest. You're only fooling yourself if you only evaluate your life on the surface. It takes a great amount of courage and often times a few tears to really ask God to show you what is in your heart. And maybe you feel that you're doing fine. But, I'm almost certain that the moment we think we are "fine" is when we just might be up to our eyeballs in wrong thinking, wrong motives, maybe some "heart" issues, etc. We should constantly be looking for what God wants from us, what he needs to change in us and what we are really here for on this earth. But, we should never forget that it is not our job to do the changing; to try to be better, to try to think better, to try to do a million wonderful things to earn God's favor. It is just our job to be open to what God wants to show us & do in our lives...and he will bring about the change. He just needs willing hearts.

There are so many scriptures about contentment...but one that came to mind was 1 Timothy 6. Take the time to read it.

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” ~author unknown

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