Thursday, March 05, 2009

Name Your Dream Assignment!!!

I have entered a contest called "Name Your Dream Assignment"! Although, there are many, many entries...I'd love your help to vote for me! Below, is a description of my "Dream Assignment". If you like it...on the side of my blog or at the bottom of this can click "pic it". :-) Let's go team Landis! haha. You do have to register to vote once you click (to prevent multiple votes from the same person)...I know...that really stinks. But, please do vote! My entry is below:

Future Generations

I would love to photograph children all over the U.S. being who they are. Beautiful, Simple, Silly, Crazy...just being kids. What a joy to show the world a very visible reason to keep our heads up during these difficult days in our country. We aren't just parents. We are role models, financial advisors, educators and heroes to the future generations.

I would love to see beautiful photos of children from every walk of life living out their exhuberance and innocence. In their schools, in their homes, in our parks...anywhere, really. I would love to start a campaign of large billboards with children's photos on them and simple childhood phrases on them. Some that may be familiar to us...things our parents may have told us. Sayings that are true, innocent, yet wise. Portraying to this country and to our world that our children; the future generations will have to live here when we're gone.

Let's show them how to care for our world. Let's show them how to care for others. Let's show them values, strength and respect. And most importantly, let's help them see that each one of them is unique. Each one of them is beautiful. Each one of them is special. Each one of them CAN make a difference.

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