Friday, March 13, 2009

Just a bad day...or is it?

Ugh. It's really one of those days. You know...the kind of day where the sun is shining, you've gotten a lot of work done, ran a few errands...but yet, this black cloud seems to hovering over the top of my head...or is it?

Sometimes I feel like there is a black cloud overhead: I'm cranky, testy and feel like locking myself in my room by myself! Sometimes I keep thinking of more things that are annoying me and in turn, I feel even more crabby! And then, lo & behold, God reminds me that no one or no situation is making this black cloud hover. I am. It's usually a very quiet reminder because the crabby thoughts and wrong thinking are usually really loud. You see, every day is a new day...filled with people, circumstances, struggles and good stuff, too! But, it's how I choose to think and how I choose to view those issues that will determine if I have a black cloud over me or a big, white puffy cloud up there. :-) I have to's not always easy to choose to think positively. It's not always easy to choose good thoughts. Sometimes we just want to throw ourselves a pity party or have a complaining session. Guilty...right here...yes, me...I'm pointing at myself right now.

Overcoming difficulties in our lives no matter how little or how big they are require action that many times begins with simply "thinking" the right things and thinking more positively. I don't mean to use the word "simply" so matter of fact, because I know very well that our bad thinking can sometimes be our worst enemy! But, all things are possible with God. And sometimes I just have to tell God..."Yes, I'm crabby. Yes, I'm complaining. Yes, I'm having a pity party. But, God, can you just help me to think about what I am thinking about? Can you please help me to appreciate and be thankful for all that I have in my life? Can you please help me to be thankful for the lessons you are teaching me and the ways you are changing my attitude? Can you forgive me for allowing myself to think negatively? I need your help, God. Big time!" Sometimes I have to pray this and many prayers like this ALL day. And sometimes I make myself even more annoyed because I know I shouldn't be thinking negatively and then THAT annoys me! But, I am so grateful for a God that doesn't expect us to have it all figured out. I am grateful for a God that loves me so much that he helps me to realize when my attitude is out of line. I am grateful for a God that gives me second and third and many more chances because he knows that it is through our mistakes that we really learn how to live.

And in consideration of emotional women everywhere...enjoy the comic. :-) LOL!

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