Sunday, March 08, 2009

Good old days...

Yes, that's me in my blog header pic. :-) With my first doggy. :-) We had a little celebration for Makenzie the other night & we were all looking at old pics of all of us growing up. Since I'm the picture fiend, I have all of our family childhood photos & beyond. I have them all organized in a really large photo box. I remember when I organized took me FOREVER...but I am so glad I did it a few years ago...because it's great to just pull out the big box and be able to go to a section of family photos and look at them! Maybe some day I'd like to get them into an album...but for now...they are safe in an archival photo box. :-) I have a few good ones on my facebook, too. Awww...the good old days. :-)

P.S. I know you all love my adorable outfit complete with my shrine circus hat. The red knit shorts pulled up to my neck really do wonders for me. haha.

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