Monday, January 26, 2009

We are extremely grateful...

After 4 1/2 months of living here in Wisconsin and searching for a job, Tim has finally gotten a job! We are so extremely grateful and so blessed. God knows just what we need...and when we need it. :-) Although, I've been very busy with my photography and was able to contribute and help with the bills...we were in great need for Tim to get a stable job. He had applied EVERYWHERE and only had 2 interviews. In this economy and so many people looking for work and businesses firing and laying off employees and not hiring...Tim is so fortunate to have gotten this job. It is exactly what we needed! And although the waiting, stress and uncertainty was difficult...God had plans of his own to do some wonderful things in our hearts and in our lives. A different perspective and looking at the world through the eyes of having very little taught us so much about ourselves and what we want to make important and strive to do in our lives. We may not have millions, we may not have a big house and fancy things...but we have each other, beautiful, healthy children and a love secured on the grace of God...not on anything else. What the world may view as important is not our perspective and we find great peace in knowing that we should never expect to have tons of things, nor should we ever believe we deserve more than we have through the efforts of our own hands. It is God who supplies all of what we have and these "things" in life can be gone tomorrow. If God so chooses to bless us with worldly possessions, that is up to him. But it is not our job to seek after those things. If we trust him, trust in his word and live our lives according to the example Jesus gave us...we know that we are fulfilling the purposes we were created for. Everyone has their opinions on worldly possessions and not everyone agrees with how we feel...neither are we saying that you have to be poor or should we strive to be poor...but everything in our lives...whether worldly riches or relationships...they are all a matter of our hearts. That is the truth of it all...our motives, the reasons we do what we do and don't do and who we truly are...that is what is most important.

We'd like to thank everyone for your support and prayers on behalf of our family. Tim started last he is in week 2. He really likes what he is learning and feels it will be a great job. He is working for Apria Healthcare & is responsible for distributing all of the medical supplies to the hospitals, clinics and/or homes receiving care. He will also be setting up some of the equipment for the homes that require oxygen and other various technical supplies. He said it is a lot of paperwork so some of his day will spent at his desk completing those types of duties. The hours are 8:30-5:00 M-F & full benefits. We are looking forward to the stability of a full time job with stable income and benefits. It's been a long time because of Tim being self employed for so many years in the past. The hours are perfect for my still being able to keep doing my photography business and having the weekends to either spend together and for me to do photo sessions. I am expecting a full work load this we may have the kids in some sort of care (either with family or a program) during the summer 2 days per week so I can get my work hopefully that will work out well so I can get my work done during the day as I don't think I can handle pulling all nighters and/or working until 3 a.m. anymore. It gets really wearing and I don't think it's healthy either! Plus...I want to be able to be with my children and not be exhausted!

God is good...ALL the time. :-)


The Mangin Family said...

Congratulations guys! We're so happy for you! You did so well trusting in God during these past months, but man it must feel wonderful to not have that pressure on Tim anymore. He is such a great worker and we know that he would do well with whatever God brought his way. So enjoy the normal 9-5 and getting into a new routine as a family! :)

Caitlin said...

I'm so happy for your news!! Congratulations:) xoxo