Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow storm fun...

I just had to add this because during our "Blizzard" we had a few weeks ago...we all decided to go stay at my sister Amy's house & get snowed in! We had so much fun hanging out...more pictures to come, we all ventured out to Carson's birthday party (during the blizzard) in which I took some pictures of it all as well as cars stuck that Zak & Andy helped, etc. which I submitted photos to the local newspaper & were published...but besides the point...during all of this chaos...the older kids were playing football in the house & one of Andy's very special pictures got broken. The kids felt really bad & ended up being put on cleaning the house duty & snow duty...but they felt the need to express their little hearts on Carson's drawing board...these are too cute to not post!





Caitlin said...

Hi Staci! Great pix, congrats on the publication!!!!!!!!

What a cute note:)

The Zak Family said...

Hi Staci! I'm a good friend of Jen Miller's and have seen some of your work via her blog and at her house. INCREDIBLE! She also gave me your blog address of which I also LOVE. :) I can't remember where you moved to so I'm not sure you are even local. But at some point I'd love to get some pictures of our family taken if you would be available! I'm so impressed with your work! You can reach me via our blog or email if you wish! I'm not in a hurry at all but definitely have you in mind. Just let me know where you are at ;) and how available you are, etc. Thanks so much! :)