Sunday, November 16, 2008

More than blessed...

I do not get to update my blog much, but I really wanted to add this today. This morning, the Men's Teen Challenge Group from the Duluth, MN, campus came to our church. It was such a blessing to be able to hear the testimonies of so many men who were troubled, hurting, in & out of prison and at rock bottom yet, DESPITE their circumstances...someone cared enough about them to refer them to Teen Challenge. Minnesota Teen Challenge (MnTC) is one of the largest residential drug and alcohol programs in the state of Minnesota. They have a 60-Day drug treatment program, as well as a year long program. They serve teens and adults from all ethnic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. They came to our church to not only sing, but to share of the complete life change God has done in their life. We were MORE than blessed by these men & were able to talk to many of them afterwards over a potluck lunch. Sometimes we forget how big of a struggle people go through with drugs, alcohol & addiction. We think the answer for them is to just "stop" doing drugs. But, many of these people's struggles go further than the drugs & alcohol. Many described having been in & out of treatment centers that did nothing but make them quit drugs for a bit. Teen Challenge offers them something more. A change from the inside out...not just externally. I have always loved Teen Challenge & what they do for those who struggle with addiction. They do much more than provide them with a place to get "clean". They provide them with the tools to stay clean, live a better life when they complete the program and it is all based on the love of Christ.

I know we all have our organizations that we give to & our churches that we support, but if you are looking for an awesome opportunity to let God use some of the blessings he has given you to help support this awesome organization, please follow the link to see how you can help! I know that the Duluth Men's Campus is actually struggling right now with financing & are in need of financial blessings or the program may have to close. I encourage anyone who has something to give, to consider offering something to the Duluth Campus. This area where we live now is a very difficult area to reach because of the prominence of drugs & alcohol. There is an overabundance of Teen Challenge is a wonderful safe haven for these men who want to change their lives, be mentored & turn their lives around. Please visit to see how you can help!

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