Monday, October 20, 2008


Seriously...just when I had completed most of my work...I thought for sure I could catch up on my blogging & post all of the pictures of fun things we've done this fall. If I could get my laptop to connect at my mom's house to the internet...things would be a lot different! But, it will not I can't blog like I would like. BUT...with that being said, I have been able to do many things that I used to put on the backburner to some degree. Blogging is addictive & I'd love to post more...but I am actually enjoying NOT blogging...YES...I said it. My time is precious & with 3 little ones & some work on the side...I have decided to enjoy this season in my life when the internet is not as freely accessible to me. To spend a little more time with my kids, read a few good books, get my rest in the evenings & most importantly...spend time with God. I never realized how much I was missing...because I was filling every last stinkin' moment doing everything BUT what I probably should have been doing all along. And not bad things...but major time-taker-uppers. See...God does know what he's doing! Sometimes we have to learn the hard not having internet access!!! Haha.

So, for much as I know you'd love to see what we're doing...I am so blessed beyond measure to tell you how we are doing. And all I can say is...God love's goes beyond comprehension & beyond measure. He always has a plan for everything in our lives. The good, the bad & the difficult things. And whenever he takes something away from us, he ALWAYS replaces it with something better. And for me...God has replaced my busyness & time consuming habits with TIME. Time for me to actually think, time for me to sleep, time for me to breathe, time for me to spend time in his word & time to truly enjoy my family; without the camera always the center of the activities we are involved in. I love, love, love taking pictures & I love capturing every moment that I can...but God has shown me that "making" memories with my children rather than "taking" memories is more important than anything. Yes, I still have my camera along on occasion...but feels good sometimes to just leave it at home and ENJOY my time & activities with my family. :-)

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