Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today, is our last day here in PA. We are spending today loading up our moving truck, packing up last minute belongings & getting a few things we need for our 20-24 hour trip to WI. It's very surreal that we are actually moving & Tim & I aren't quite in the realization stage yet...but soon enough...we will be in our new residency!

We will miss all of our friends & family & hope we can stay in touch! Thank you for those of you who made it to our going away party. We had a wonderful time visiting with friends & family. I will post some pictures at some point once we are settled. :-)

There's only one thing more to say....GOODBYE!!!


Caitlin Domanico Photography said...

Good luck, have a safe trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mangin Family said...

I checked your blog kind of hoping for a post, but kind of not wanting to read the last PA post too. We will be praying for you guys a lot and we hope the transition goes smoothly. Tell Kenzie that she can call on our cells to talk to Kenzie sometime (b/c it's free for both of us!). Keep us posted. We'll miss you.


Yeah! Drive Safe!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Have a safe move!! Still keep in touch, okay??!! xoxo

By the way.. I just "tagged you" .. haha.. if you're like me and didn't get that at first.. check my blog for more info :)

God bless my dear blogger friend,


Jessica Jackson said...

Staci, we'll miss you guys! Hope the move went well...come see us again soon!