Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, I don't have a ton of time...nor do I have any pictures to post (yes, boring...I know...yawn) but I just wanted to give a quick update!

We've been semi-busy packing...well, I've been doing every ounce of laundry we own (Tim's been folding :-) and getting all of our clothing sorted...what fits, what doesn't, what we give to someone who needs it & what is donation worthy. Not an easy task! And that is JUST the laundry! YIKES! But, we're so grateful that we have some friends who can use some Landis hand-me-downs. :-) All the while...I have scheduled photo sessions nearly every day this week & next, including 2 shore sessions & a wedding. Makes my head spin just thinking about it...but I am not scheduling anything in September in I will have the entire month to complete the second half of August work. :-) PLUS, Makenzie & I are heading to the big apple with one of my dear friends, Tracy (who also just Georgia) so for her daughter's birthday, she is taking Makenzie & I to New York & as a last hurrah for us girls & we're going to a broadway show & Tracy has some other fun things planned as well. Plus, my favorite...we're shooting Jillian's 6 year pictures in New York! I'm so excited. :-) She actually was booked for a photo session this Saturday, but with her moving & us kind of got away from we thought no better place to have fun & be creative then in the big apple! I know it's a lot to try to go to NYC right now...but I need a break. And I need some time with Makenzie. It will be nice to spend some alone time with her. It's been such a busy summer & with the move coming & her starting 1st grade immediately upon arriving in Wisconsin...we need a little unwinding girl time. :-) So, I will most likely be pulling two all nighters tonight & tomorrow. Well, I at least have to try. :-)

Once September hits...I will be able to post some pictures from the second half of our summer...or at least put them in a slideshow or something!

Other than the busyness of life...we are just having to "go through" more than we have to pack. Most of our belongings are still packed in our storage the daunting task is going back through some of that & giving things away or tossing things. I've been trying to find places that are in need of children's toys, etc. If anyone knows of any organizations or causes that could use some children's toys (boys & girls toys, some baby toys & materials) I'd be happy to get their number. Maybe a shelter or a needy family?'s surreal that we're actually making our move. We're scared, we're nervous, we're excited, we're hopeful, we're trusting, we're HAPPY. We are just so eager to see where God is taking us & what is going to transpire in our lives over the next few months.

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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

You're actually packing.. gosh, it's so surreal.. I'll keep you guys in my prayers for a safe move :)