Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's someone's birthday...I wonder who it could be???

Suprise! It's yours!! (Tim's mom) :-) She was very suprised...but this was a totally staged one makes a goofy face like that on accident! haha. There's a few more pics of her doing some goofy faces...but I'll spare her the embarassment & put up the best one!

We had pizza & cake & ice cream! Yummy!

Mom-mom being sung to...

And blowing out her candles...with a little help from Madden!

I love these next two pictures...they are so random...everyone is doing something different & do you see what I was laughing at? Hint, son, Madden & his little cousin sitting on mom-mom's's hysterical!

At least everyone is "kind-of" looking...:-)

Even the little ones enjoyed some cake &'s Carson with his cone!

We had a great time together! And of course...the kids had SO much fun! :-)

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