Thursday, July 17, 2008

Family fun night!!!

One evening, we decided to do something a little we took the train from Colmar to Doylestown! The kids had SO much fun! When we got to Doylestown, we went to an amazing pizza place called, JULES. I had gone there for a birthday party I had photographed several months back & when I was at the party...I knew I had to take Tim back with the kids! The pizza is amazing! It's made with all organic ingredients & it's a flatbread style pizza. It was SO delicious! Stamp of approval from all of us!

Madden on the train! This was him & Amara's first train they were loving it! And it was CHEAPER to take the train than it would have been to drive! The kids rode free! :-)

Sitting at Jules, waiting for pizza!

Amara enjoying her yummy pizza.

Madden "showing" us all his pizza.

Next stop...we walked up a few blocks to one of my favorite little candy shops that my friend Tracy introduced me to a few months ago & the kids all got to choose one treat. And so did Tim & I, of course. :-)

Hmmm....what should we get??

Amara kind of "had" to get this...she snagged it from the candy bin...she liked it, though!

Can I get this BIG one, Mommy? No,'s bigger than your head!

How about a smaller lollipop?? Stamp of approval! Delicious!

Makenzie LOVES the chocolate covered marshmallows from here...

Evidence of a good time...big smile & candy-colored face & lips. :-)

Waiting for our train to go back...

We had SO much fun! Love it!

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