Friday, July 18, 2008's official!!!

The word is out...The Landis Family is making some big changes! We're heading to Wisconsin!!! We've been praying, discussing, talking, planning, thinking, advising...all of those decision making concepts...and we've decided that moving to Wisconsin would be a good, refreshing & much needed change for our family. We both have mixed emotions about our decision, but we both agree that something needs to be done to help us move in the direction that God wants us to & we both agree that starting fresh somewhere new will be of great benefit to us & an act of faith that is so needed in our lives. Tim wants to get out of painting, so this will help him pursue other options without the stress of the high cost of living that Pennsylvania has. We will be moving into my mom's home for a little while until we get settled & in a position to begin the house hunting process. My mom has a beautiful home with plenty of space, so we are very grateful for her offering her home to this crazy family of ours!

Although, we will greatly miss all of our good friends & family here, we know that God is in complete control of our lives & we are so excited to see the opportunities & experiences that he will bring our way as we do what he is requiring of us. We know that trusting in God is one of the most important things we can do in our lives & we know that he will never let us down. Everything happens for a reason & we can now see that over the past year, the financial struggles that we've experienced have all been part of his plan to shape us, grow us & to open our eyes to where he would like to take us. We have learned so much through our struggles & are still continuing to learn more & more about ourselves & how we can be a blessing to others who struggle in their lives. We know that this life is not about us being comfortable & happy per's about loving others who need it most and giving of ourselves to love others as well. It's about people...not about "things". And through the giving of ourselves & trusting in God to provide all of our those things...that's where we find the happiness that we may have been looking for elsewhere.

Makenzie will be starting school on September 2nd in Wisconsin, so our plan is to be in Wisconsin by the 30th of August. I have photography obligations until the 24th of August here in I will be completing those & then we're heading out!

With that being said...if you have any questions, comments or would like our new address, please feel free to email or call us us personally. :-)

P.S. I most likely will not be updating our personal blog here for a little while due to many time crunches that I have with work & all of our packing & getting rid of things that we have to do in the next month. But, stay tuned in September!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog updates...

I don't even know where to begin with my postings...I have a lot of pictures & we're only into the middle of July! I hope to post more pictures soon...but I have a full weekend of work editing & finishing up some maybe next week I will work on more pics & blog updates! I have many pictures from our Great Adventure mini-trip, strawberry picking, playdates with some friends, etc. So, check back in the next few weeks for more! :-)

Fun in the sun!!!

We have really been enjoying the warm summer so far! The kids have a blast in the pool & I don't mind it myself! It definitely cools us off! And it sure beats fighting the crowds at the public pools! These pics were actually from Father's Day...which was a great day together! :-)

Fishy #1

Fishy #2

Fishy #3

All of our kids LOVE the water. Makenzie has been a little fish since she was a baby. It took Madden a little longer to enjoy the big pool as a baby...but this year he is LOVING it again! He does really well too. We just put this little life vest on him & he goes in & out of the pool himself & swims with the big kids! Yay, bud! Amara is too funny...she is so no life vest really fits her properly...and the one that does does not keep her upright. It tilts her onto her back. So, we got her these big old swimmies & they actually work! They keep her upright & she swims! It is so funny because she is so little & the swimmies are SO big...but she swims her little body around. So cute!

Daddy & the kids...Happy Father's Day!!!

Later on that day...after a LONG afternoon of swimming...we had some tired little kiddies...

And then after they work up...back to it! Here is Madden on the big boy swing! He does so well on it! He sure is growing up!!! Over the past 2 months...Madden has just exploded with independence & is such a bright little boy! His speech is coming along nicely & with his improved speech is a hilarious personality. We are always laughing at things he says...

Family fun night!!!

One evening, we decided to do something a little we took the train from Colmar to Doylestown! The kids had SO much fun! When we got to Doylestown, we went to an amazing pizza place called, JULES. I had gone there for a birthday party I had photographed several months back & when I was at the party...I knew I had to take Tim back with the kids! The pizza is amazing! It's made with all organic ingredients & it's a flatbread style pizza. It was SO delicious! Stamp of approval from all of us!

Madden on the train! This was him & Amara's first train they were loving it! And it was CHEAPER to take the train than it would have been to drive! The kids rode free! :-)

Sitting at Jules, waiting for pizza!

Amara enjoying her yummy pizza.

Madden "showing" us all his pizza.

Next stop...we walked up a few blocks to one of my favorite little candy shops that my friend Tracy introduced me to a few months ago & the kids all got to choose one treat. And so did Tim & I, of course. :-)

Hmmm....what should we get??

Amara kind of "had" to get this...she snagged it from the candy bin...she liked it, though!

Can I get this BIG one, Mommy? No,'s bigger than your head!

How about a smaller lollipop?? Stamp of approval! Delicious!

Makenzie LOVES the chocolate covered marshmallows from here...

Evidence of a good time...big smile & candy-colored face & lips. :-)

Waiting for our train to go back...

We had SO much fun! Love it!


Yes, this is my son's backside...but for good reason! Check out his cute little undies! Madden is "officially" potty-trained! HOORAY, BUDDY! He had absolutely NO interest in using the potty prior to his 3rd birthday. He actually would scream bloody murder if we even tried to sit or stand him by the potty. He's always had a little mind of his once he turned 3, he was all for it! It took him about 2 weeks & he's got it down! No accidents for about a week! And he's been dry overnight the past week as well...we're SO proud of him! He's very happy about it, too!! No more diapers!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Doing the potty dance....


It's someone's birthday...I wonder who it could be???

Suprise! It's yours!! (Tim's mom) :-) She was very suprised...but this was a totally staged one makes a goofy face like that on accident! haha. There's a few more pics of her doing some goofy faces...but I'll spare her the embarassment & put up the best one!

We had pizza & cake & ice cream! Yummy!

Mom-mom being sung to...

And blowing out her candles...with a little help from Madden!

I love these next two pictures...they are so random...everyone is doing something different & do you see what I was laughing at? Hint, son, Madden & his little cousin sitting on mom-mom's's hysterical!

At least everyone is "kind-of" looking...:-)

Even the little ones enjoyed some cake &'s Carson with his cone!

We had a great time together! And of course...the kids had SO much fun! :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hello! In case you haven't seen yet, I've made some changes to my photography blog! Please visit my other blog to see my latest work & the new changes I've made to my business "appearance". (And I promise...more blog updates coming on here soon!)

Also, please make a note that my photography blog address has changed. It is



Friday, July 11, 2008

It's been a while...

I's been a little while since I last updated my blog...but I promise I will be adding some updates soon! I've been very busy with work & I really want to finish up my editing from the last 2-3 weeks of sessions....especially before the next run of busy weeks comes upon me! :-) June was so incredibly busy for me...I'm very glad that I scheduled July & August better. I needed to space my sessions out a little more to help with my workflow & just to be a better mom & wife to my family. Plus, we have activities that we are involved in this summer & I have some training & photography courses that I am working I have to pace myself or I'll be NO GOOD to anybody!

We've been really enjoying the warm summer days together as a family...hanging in the pool & all of that good, fun stuff! It's been really nice...Tim has been going into work around 5:00 a.m. or so & puts in 8-9 hours & then is home a little earlier to be able to spend time with the kids & with me having photo sessions & needing to work some in the evenings, he's here for me to pass on the parenting duties to. :-) THANK YOU, TIM!!!

So, like I said...I'll work on some blog updates in the near future...but for now...I hope you are having a great summer! :-)