Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank you, Nana!

Madden received his special birthday gift from, Nana (my mom) a few weeks he was very excited to open & see what was inside! My mom cannot just sent one of the kids everyone got some goodies!

My mom sent Madden some money & we went to Target & I let Madden pick out what he wanted. He chose:

A kid pool with an inflatable slide...(the kids LOVE it!), some water table toys & buckets, some bubble guns & bubbles, a few little jets & I chose to have him pick out 5 outfits for he picked out some red & blue shirts & shorts. :-) THANKS, NANA!

Madden's Card...

The cute outfit Nana sent!


Nana sent Makenzie & Amara a few outfits for summer, too. CUTE! Makenzie got an adorable Hannah Montana shirt & shorts...

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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I want that Hannah Montana shirt also!!!!! ;-D