Thursday, June 12, 2008

The many adventures of Amara...

Amara is such a trip. Seriously. She loves trouble, getting into things & talking up a storm! Her newest "learning" from her big brother & sister is this: When she's mad at you because you tell her "no" or have to change her...she puts her hand out at you (as if saying "talk to the hand") and calls us "Meamie"!! Toddler translation...MEANIE! She's 22 months old and can call us meanie. It's hilarious...but I'm a little baffled as to what to do about it...besides tell her not to call us that. At least she says "meamie" so people do not know what she's saying necessarily...unlike her role model brother...who when angry or upset...says: "You are mean people". Hmmm...we'll see about this mean people name calling business. Oh my. :-)

These two series of pictures came from the same day. Never a dull moment with Amara. And this morning, Madden was cutting out his bits of paper with the little scissors while I was making breakfast & Amara had pulled up a chair right next to him & he was attempting to cut her hair!!! And she was just sitting there. If only she knew how beautiful her curls are...she would definitely be having her hand up calling him "meamie"!!!

Was putting a load of laundry in...came into the living room...Amara had some markers out & was coloring all over HERSELF.

Yeah, I'd be crying too.

And prior to that, Madden & Amara were playing with the toys in the bathroom that sit on the bathtub ledge & I heard the water start (which he's never turned on before by himself!) and walked in to find Amara sitting in the bath tub with all her clothes & shoes on splashing in the water with all the toys. Laughing, giggling...just having a good old time.

After I took her out...she's admiring her wet pants.

Doing a little troublemaker "jig".

At least she knows what she's got to do next...she grabbed a towel out of the cabinet & tried to dry herself off. Good luck, Amara!

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