Saturday, June 21, 2008

Freddy Hill Farm

A few weeks ago, the kids & I went over to Freddy Hill to see some of the farm animals, walk & run around & get an ice cream treat. :-) We had a fun time seeing a few animals & the kids got a kick out of one of the birds there that was making this extremely loud & obnoxious sound. We walked up through the mini golf area (but I was not even going to attempt a long mini golf session with all 3 myself!) & there were some guys hitting in the batting cages, so Makenzie & Madden likes seeing them hit.

Makenzie found this big pheasant feather which she liked very much!

Mere attempts to get them all together...:-)

Best buds!

Watching the batting cages.

Amara's ice cream ended up on her bib...the whole thing fell off. :-)

Makenzie worried about one of her many wiggly teeth...the cone was she wanted to be sure her tooth was still there. :-)

We had a fun time!

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