Monday, May 26, 2008

A Tribute

The other day I got in the car & was going through the radio stations & came across the Glenn Beck talk radio show. He was speaking about Memorial Day & how many of us will go to our picnics but not ever think or speak of our American troops. It really impacted me in regards to how much do I really think about our freedoms. I feel my freedom...I know it's there...but it's an invisible freedom that many of us take for granted. Although, not invisible when we truly stop to ponder who is behind & the source of our freedoms. Our American troops...amazing, brave, courageous, generous & humble individuals to do what it takes to give to us what we so easily take for granted. On this memorial day, please take the time to remember those who have died for the freedoms we have & for those who continually protect & serve our country. And from this day forward, I will keep our soldiers in my prayers & thoughts daily. Thank you to all who serve, have served & will serve this great country we live in. Please take the time to view this awesome tribute I found on YouTube.

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