Friday, May 30, 2008

Pool opening!!!

Tim's parents have an above ground pool that needs to get set up every summer...which they usually do memorial weekend. :-) We were here last year when they put it up so the kids remembered HOW MUCH FUN it was to "help". Because the water fills & raises the pool takes quite a while for it to get to that point so the kids just LOVE to run around & play inside of it until they aren't allowed to anymore. FUN!

Amara is at her own "risk" when Madden has the hose. :-)

Her turn!! Don't you just love her hair...this is how it looks in the morning before I wet it down & comb it. A complete disaster!!! haha.

The water was freezing...but they didn't care...except for Madden in the background when he would slip. Then it was tears for a while. haha.'s pretty cold...

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Funny, I love when you update your blog you always have the BEST pictures of your family, after looking at the pictures I feel like we were there having fun with you :)

I got your post about getting the CD soon, I can't wait I wanted to have some 3 year old pictures to send out with this Birthday thank yous, Jane also just called me last night to see if I heard anything from you about the pictures, I told her that I thought she should be getting them soon?