Friday, May 30, 2008

My 30th Bday

Yes, I turned 30 this year. Sigh. :-) While I was in Wisconsin, my mom, Tim & family threw a big suprise party for me so I told party in PA, please!!! :-) So, he obliged...thank you, Tim. However, the kids really wanted to celebrate so Tim ordered take-out for us & got a cake & some icecream to wish me a happy birthday. Makenzie was in charge of taking pictures. Thanks, Makenzie!

I think she's seen me do this one too many times. She pulled out her chair & stood on it for this one. Too funny!

And of course...when it's just mommy's cake...I let them dip their fingers in. :-)

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Happy 30th Birthday!!!It is a hard one but it has to happpen :(.

I love how the kids get so excited about any type of a holiday, we really made Nick's graduation a fun event, they were sad when we had to take down all the decorations. Next is our boys Birthdays!!!!!!!! 3 years old, Holy Smokes