Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mr. Polite...

Lately, Madden has really been taking an interest in being a boy & that his sister is a girl. Which has then evolved into him saying 24-7..."I a boy!" "Sissy is a girl!" and then from there he's totally into..."that's for girls. I not play with that. That's a girl color." You get the picture. :-)

So, Tim & I have really been talking to him about treating the "ladies" & "girls" politely & with respect. Tim always holds the doors open, etc. but the other day while we were out running errands, I was telling him about how it's very polite to hold doors open for girls. It's very helpful & kind to do for ladies. So, on our little outing...he would run ahead & pull the doors open (well, Makenzie helped him with the heavy doors) but he would then hold them open until me, Makenzie & Amara went through.

Well, you know how sometimes you wonder if what you said sunk in? I definitely think Madden "has" this concept down. Today, I had suggested we all go outside after our lunch to play & for some reason I ran back to the other room to get something & when I came into the kitchen I heard in this tough little man voice..."Hey, Ladies...I holding the door open for you!" It was SO cute! I was so proud of him. So, all of us girls went out the door & thanked him for holding the door open for us & that it was very thoughtful & polite. As I watched him...he had this smirk on his face and kind of did this proud shoulder shrug thing as he walked away. I think he was seriously thinking..."I da man!!!" haha.

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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Omigosh.. how super adorable.. thank you for sharing.. it feels like as if I was there to see that too :)