Friday, May 30, 2008

Makenzie's Field Day at School

This past Thursday, Makenzie had a field day at school. They had all sorts of games & relays for the kids. It was really cute. Parents & family were all invited so I headed over with the little ones. :-)

Cheering on her team!!!

Yes...he was seriously doing the "armpit" thing. So funny. Only in kindergarten. :-)

This is her concentrating face...haha.

Happy to see her little brother!!

It's good!

Her class was divided into two groups. Makenzie was in the yellow group & they won with the most relays won! :-) Go team!!!

My 10 second attempt at a class pic. They were on a very strict schedule with time to ensure they got to all of the events before the buses came for here is my 10 second attempt. haha.

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Great Pictures, I remember field day, it was a hate/love relationship, I was so bad at sports or anything I needed to do in a short period of time but I loved being with friends :)

the little boy making the farting sounds is the BEST!!!!!