Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunny day love!!!

Today was such a beautiful day! After a busy morning...we headed outside for some sunny day fun! Makenzie & Madden filled up the water bin & played with the hose for a bit while Amara finished up her lunch in the porch. Of course I had to take some pictures of these two happy & having fun!! :-)

And then Makenzie sat & hung out with Amara for a few minutes...but that quickly turned to boredom because all Amara was doing was back outside she went!!

Amara & her tator tots... Amara says it. She LOVES ketchup. It's so cute. :-) She dips her pacifier in it...that's how much she loves it. haha. So, because ketchup is so incredibly bad for people with all of the corn syrup in it &'s organic ketchup in this house!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Makenzie's Field Day at School

This past Thursday, Makenzie had a field day at school. They had all sorts of games & relays for the kids. It was really cute. Parents & family were all invited so I headed over with the little ones. :-)

Cheering on her team!!!

Yes...he was seriously doing the "armpit" thing. So funny. Only in kindergarten. :-)

This is her concentrating face...haha.

Happy to see her little brother!!

It's good!

Her class was divided into two groups. Makenzie was in the yellow group & they won with the most relays won! :-) Go team!!!

My 10 second attempt at a class pic. They were on a very strict schedule with time to ensure they got to all of the events before the buses came for here is my 10 second attempt. haha.

My 30th Bday

Yes, I turned 30 this year. Sigh. :-) While I was in Wisconsin, my mom, Tim & family threw a big suprise party for me so I told party in PA, please!!! :-) So, he obliged...thank you, Tim. However, the kids really wanted to celebrate so Tim ordered take-out for us & got a cake & some icecream to wish me a happy birthday. Makenzie was in charge of taking pictures. Thanks, Makenzie!

I think she's seen me do this one too many times. She pulled out her chair & stood on it for this one. Too funny!

And of course...when it's just mommy's cake...I let them dip their fingers in. :-)

Camping out!!!

Tim & the kids LOVE to set up the tent & spend the night outdoors! In the summer they go to campgrounds...but the backyard does just fine, too! They had a lot of fun helping Tim set up the tent & getting their beds all cozy & set up in the tent. It actually looked like one big playroom because they must have brought every stuffed animal in the house out there! They sure had fun, though! I took a peek outside & grabbed my camera to take some pics. Amara was LOVING the tent! She stayed outside until 10:30 watching the dvd player as they had some kid's music video on. I know, I know...a dvd playing in the tent? C''s 2008. It's a MUST to have a dvd player with little kids nowadays. haha. :-)I don't know how our parents managed when we used to go the cabin growing up! YIKES!

Madden was all smiles & giggles...he was SO excited!!!

Amara loved it, too. :-)

And of course...Makenzie is up for anything FUN!

Pool opening!!!

Tim's parents have an above ground pool that needs to get set up every summer...which they usually do memorial weekend. :-) We were here last year when they put it up so the kids remembered HOW MUCH FUN it was to "help". Because the water fills & raises the pool takes quite a while for it to get to that point so the kids just LOVE to run around & play inside of it until they aren't allowed to anymore. FUN!

Amara is at her own "risk" when Madden has the hose. :-)

Her turn!! Don't you just love her hair...this is how it looks in the morning before I wet it down & comb it. A complete disaster!!! haha.

The water was freezing...but they didn't care...except for Madden in the background when he would slip. Then it was tears for a while. haha.'s pretty cold...