Sunday, March 16, 2008

Makenzie & Mommy Day

I had a few errands to run in Allentown so Makenzie came along! On our way home we stopped at one of our favorite summer shopping hangouts...The Promenade Shops in Center Valley. It was so nice outside so we walked around & just browsed. It was a fun girls day! We stopped at Barnes & Noble & read some books & magazines together. Makenzie loved that. I am test driving a camera this week for myself & feedback at a local camera I had it with me. It's a different Olympus E3. I have never used anything Olympus so my learning curve is being tested for sure. Not too bad out of the box with no real adjustments with the settings. I am such a fan of Canon, I'm very skeptical...we'll see!
Just a few pics as we left the camera store. :-)


Makenzie eating her bagel! Yummy!

The sky was SO blue...I just had to take a shot. :-)
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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

That's soo sweet--Mother and Daughter bonding time :) Btw...did I read that right.. you're opting for an Olympus over a Canon? Uh-oh... LOL :)

Jessica Jackson said...

I love those shops at Saucon Valley! Way to go getting Makenzie started early on the whole shopping thing! :)

Hopefully only another 2 weeks or so until you can take pics of the baby... Can't wait!