Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Makenzie is 6!!!

Well, it's true...Makenzie turns 6 today! Hooray! She is SO excited she can hardly contain her excitement! We celebrated this weekend with a few of her close friends. Nothing big...just getting a few friends together to celebrate & have fun together! We themed it after the ever popular "Hannah Montana". It was cute. We put some makeup on the girls, put some fun clips in their hair & did their nails! The girls then jammed to some fun songs by Hannah Montana & Kids Bop. They had a great time. After the party, Makenzie's friend Jillian & her mom, Tracy stayed for a bit & played some karaoke...our favorite!!! Her cousin Alexis spent the night with us as well as an extra fun way to celebrate your birthday is with a sleepover! The girls were up a little late...but they woke up for church & were happy! :-)

Makenzie is heading off to school to celebrate once again with her she is looking forward to that. When I asked her what she would like to eat for her birthday dinner...she said..."PANCAKES!!! YOU MAKE THE BEST PANCAKES MOMMY!!" Oh, if only she knew that Aunt Jemima really makes them...
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The Mangin Family said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie! We had so much fun at your party and we're glad you can come to Kenzie M's on Friday! We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your pancakes!!