Tuesday, March 18, 2008


These are a few I saw quick of Madden when he was little on our computer...

This is one picture that I have loved for years. I actually have this one in an 11x14 print framed. It is awesome of Tim & Madden!

He was about 10 months old in this picture. He was sitting in his highchair & I kept taking lots of pictures. This is one of my favorites...

This is one of my favorites from a trip to the Please Touch Museum when Madden was a little over a year. He really enjoyed himself & I thought this was cute of him testing out his abilities...:-)
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Nick and Jen Miller said...

I love dad and baby pictures, Nick hates it when I take out the camera, he always asks me to leave him out. I swear the kids are not going to believe that he really was around when they were little.