Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Afternoon...

We definitely did something different this year to celebrate Easter. It was a very nice, relaxing change of pace & we had fun. (We did miss all the fam at the big dinner! I guess we'll see most of you 4th of July??? That seems far away...) We went to the 9:30 a.m. church service to celebrate Jesus' resurrection on Sunday morning. (We've been attending a seminar for the past 11 weeks at church during the morning, so it was nice to attend the service!) After church we came home & had a light lunch. The kids enjoyed their easter baskets some more & the kids then dyed their easter eggs & decorated them with some easter stickers & markers. When we moved...we found one of our holiday bins & how exciting to find egg decorating kits that we didn't use last year. :-) After the eggs...we all relaxed & hung out & around 3:30 we went over to Peace Valley Park where we were meeting friends of ours to hang out & have an easter egg hunt for the kids. We went a little we walked around & the kids had a great time throwing rocks in the water, chasing the ducks & going for some walks on the trail. It was beautiful outside & it was great to take in the fresh air! After our egg hunt, we went out to dinner & had a very nice time together. I'll post more pics of the egg hunt & dinner sometime this week. :-)

We brought the wagon so we had a place to put all of our goodies, diaper bag & eggs for the egg hunt. It was a good thing because it kept the kids entertained for a while, too. :-) Amara loves the wagon. I remember when Makenzie got the wagon for her 1st birthday...she was only a little younger than Amara is now. And she loved it very much, too. :-) I'm glad they can all enjoy it together.


Daddy making sure Amara isn't trying to push the wagon down into the water...

and of course she didn't want anyone telling her she cannot do's proof that this little angel DOES get angry sometimes! :-) She completely fits the "baby" of the family personality. It's so funny.

Tim thought it was funny, too. I guess that's what happens when it's the 3rd all starts to become very humorous. :-) Good work, Daddy!
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