Sunday, February 03, 2008

New designs!!!

Well, I finally ventured into the "blogger templates" & designs. Several very talented and artsy people have inspired me with their beautiful blogs! :-) I just never really had a whole lot of time to change it all up. Although, I spent hours in the past few months trying to understand the whole html & css thing with blogs & templates. I just COULD NOT understand it! But, a few weeks ago I tried to really figure it out. And I came across some good information and instead of using some of the "blogger templates" out there...I wanted to make it as easy as possible because I heard the blogger templates on other sites can be confusing & difficult to change or can lose some of your current template options. So, I got this one. It's a little busy for my liking and it's hard to read at certain points, but I love the colors. I'll try it for a little while until I find something else I like. :-)

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Jeff and Carly said...

I posted this comment on my blog as well, but I wanted to put it here to be sure you saw it. To make the background a solid color you can (a) find a solid digital paper or (b) remove the background-url line and replace it with "background-color:#FFFFFF;". Change "FFFFFF" to whatever hex color code you would like the background to be. Hopefully this helps!