Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Amara

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As we headed out to church on Sunday, I realized that I did not have any pictures of Amara in this adorable dress Mom-mom got her for Christmas. :-) I love the polka dots & Makenzie's pink headband did the trick! I always have time for a few quick pics...and we made it to church on time!!! :-) (Sorry about the Staci Landis Photographic Art on the pics...I just used the same pics from my other site.) :-)



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Jeff and Carly said...

Darling dress! I looked at the source code for your page and I think the problem is that your image links are not in quotes. Put double quotes around each of your links so they read ("http://i159...gmendes_allure_paper06-1.jpg").

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

She's super adorable!! Happy Birthday to your baby girl and have a great "Hannah Montana" party!! I wish I could have one, but that might look odd for a 26-yr-old person ;-)