Monday, February 25, 2008

Brittney & Mark

My cousin Brittney is getting married this May! I'm so excited for her & Mark. Below is the link to the blog of the photographer they are having capture their special day! He is awesome & insanely talented. Check out a few pics of Brittney & Mark. (they are the couple with the sweet wheelchair photos...)

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Nick and Jen Miller said...

Hey Staci, We have a friend Jake, who is owner of a magazine named "Today's Groom" our of minneapolis. I know they sell it at most places, it is the only Groom's magazine out there, they also published a book. Well anyway I gave him Jeremy's site and Jake already has contacted him about taking some pictures for his magazine. He loved the different wedding pictures vs some of the more traditional ones in the magazine now.
I know you mentioned you will be photographing some weddings, I will forward him your site also.