Monday, February 18, 2008


In light of everything that we've been going through lately...we received a very special blessing as a gift for a YMCA membership for a few months. It was a very nice blessing as winter is long & this is a good way for us to get out of the house a bit. Tim has been taking Makenzie & Madden occassionally to open swim which they have LOVED! Makenize is such a fish! She loves swimming! With our blessing/gift, we were also able to put Makenzie in an 8 week swim class. We started her out in the class that her age & what she could do in the water...however, after 3 weeks while I was waiting for her class to start...Makenzie was just in the pool swimming around. The aquatics director at the YMCA was watching her & asked me what class she was in. I told her & she said...I saw her last week & I remembered her. She then said that she wants to move Makenzie up a level into the next ability level class. So, up she went & Makenzie was very proud of herself & the fact that she got to move up!! She did amazing & this class challenged her much more than the other & the instructors are absolutely awesome! When we were driving home, I told Makenzie that I was very proud of her for working so hard in her swimming class. I was then able to tell her to notice what happens when we work hard. We don't have to "tell" everyone all of the things we are good at and we don't have to push her to be in a group because we feel she should be in a "upper" level. People notice when you work hard, just like God does & even if we think no one is noticing or watching, they are & promotions can be more rewarding by giving whatever you are doing your all! I reminded her that "that" is why it is so important to live the best you can, have the best attitude you can & to work hard at whatever you put your hands to do! It actually was one of the BEST learning examples to have happened being that the same week at school, she brought home her bible verse for February which is: "Whatever you find your hands to do, do it with all your might." Ecclesiastes 9:20. She smiled and that persevering?? (that is their character trait for February that they are working on at school) I said, Yes, Makenzie...EXACTLY. Always working hard no matter what. :-)


Learning how to breath correctly under water with the correct breathing patterns.

Back float & kick! Makenzie does awesome with this skill!

Not the best picture, but here is her instructor showing her how to correctly position her arms while doing her arm strokes. They are learning freestyle, flutterkicks, breathing patterns, back floating & kicking.
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