Friday, February 22, 2008

Amara's First Time in the Snow

Amara LOVED the snow! She was smiling & laughing at the snow & kept stomping her feet. She dipped her "mitten" down into the snow & took a taste..."mmmmmm"...she said with a smile. So of course she kept dipping her mitten into the snow for more! Because I hadn't bought Amara boots (because we usually get so much snow! sarcasm seeping...) she was wearing Madden's...and poor Madden was crying to get outside himself! So, Amara got her preview and loved it. Once her mitten fell off, she realized how cold the snow was & needed to go in for a nap anyway. Needless to say, someone had to take her in for her nap & I had some work to do I volunteered to go inside (darn!!) & Tim played out in the snow with Madden & Makenzie. They had a great time, too!


Yummy, snow!

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Melissa said...

She is so cute!

John and Michelle said...

Adorable! We might have to get her and Luke together to play in the snow.