Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our little Amara...

I like to play around with natural light & different ideas with pictures. Although I know flash is necessary in many scenarios...I absolutely love natural light and the results it gives versus flash. :-) Plus, I needed to take some updated pictures of Amara for her baby (or I guess it would be her toddler book) so I just practice every once and a while. I'm a huge fan of outdoor photography & the lighting it produces...but it's I might as well play around with indoor lighting. :-) Some aren't ideal photographic quality...but she's a little cutie...I had to post several. :-)

Amara is now almost 16 months. We cannot believe how fast she is growing up! Sometimes I look at her & her age & what she's doing at 15 months...and I am mind boggled how in the world I did Madden was her exact age right now when Amara was born!!! Only by the grace of God, that's for sure! It's definitely a blur how it all transpired from then to now, but we're definitely thankful to God that he chose to give us another child even when we weren't expecting her. :-)



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