Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Never a dull moment...

Where is all our snow?? Of course, once again...these Pennsylvania winters...we may get snow once or twice, but usually nothing until February. So, even though these pictures have snowflakes going on...the kids have to wait for the real deal to come. But, one can only hope as the kids saw the snowflakes falling & wanted to go out & run around in them. They had a great time & after 15 minutes or so of their excitement...I realized...this is so cute. They are having so much fun! I had to go get my camera. I'm glad I did!

Madden was so funny. He just kept running around with this big smile on his face & his mouth wide open thinking that if he did that...he was trying to catch snowflakes like his big sister! It was extremely cute, however, I do not think he caught snowflakes that way! :-)


This little guy is so fun & full of enthusiasm for EVERYTHING!

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Nick and Jen Miller said...

Hi Staci,
I love these pictures, when is the next time you plan to come home to visit? If it is before we move away for Nick's medical school I would love to reserve you to take our family pictures and pictures of the boys, you do an amazing job. I have seen different styles of picture taking and you truly have a unique style that people could not duplicate it they tried. you are so talented.