Friday, January 25, 2008

Makenzie's Haircut!!!

THANK GOODNESS!!! We actually loved Makenzie's hair when we had it short for a few years in the past. This past year...she insisted on growing her hair out. I tried to convince her to cut it several times...but then decided to have her grow it out because of my sister's wedding. However, ever since then...I really wanted to have it cut. But, she insisted...:-) Last week...she decided she wants the American Girl Doll "Kit" for her birthday from her grandparents to go in on for she wanted to get her hair cut to match "Kit". Now, her b-day is not until March & no one said she was getting "Kit"...but she was SO excited to get her hair cut & she just kept telling Miss Megan (our hairdresser) that she LOVED her new haircut! It was so cute! Miss Megan is AWESOME & we actually started going to her because our first hairdresser at Shear Success moved out of state! So, she recommended Megan to us & we LOVE her. She is GREAT with kids & she does a great job! If you want to try her out...tell her Staci & Makenzie recommended her to you! :-)(She's at Shear Success in Colmar).

Makenzie wanted to stand outside in front of the salon & take a pic. Why not??? :-)
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Here's a picture of this "Kit"! :-)

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