Saturday, January 19, 2008

Makenzie was SO proud of her & Daddy's snowman. She called me out to come take pictures of her with the snowman (or should I say "snow woman" as she corrected me when I referred to the snowman as a "he"), haha. We didn't have the typical "snowman" materials to decorate it with...but Makenzie came into the house & made do with some of my suggestions. Candy hearts for the eyes, colored straws for the hair (which she called her "rock star" snowman at one point...) and some licorice for the mouth. No carrots in my house!! Not even baby carrots! Ugh. Usually we have several bags of at least baby carrots...but I guess I used them up this past week. :-) Well, here is Makenzie with her finished product & fortunately I did get some pictures because about an hour after the snow was at it's heaviest, it changed over to rain & Mrs. Snowman tumbled over & her head fell off. haha. Makenzie took it better than we first there was a big scream of hurt...but then I made some silly jokes about it & her dissappointment quickly turned to giggling. She is so funny.



Hello, Mrs. Snowman. What you do not realize is that in about an are going to lose your head...:-) But, I really am enjoying standing her admiring how fun you look!
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