Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here we go!!!

We're officially moving in with Tim's parents temporarily this weekend! Please pray for everything to go smoothly with the move & that the guys helping will not hurt themselves & for safety overall! :-) We've given & thrown SO much's unbelievable what we've accumulated over the last several years! It feels wonderful to have "simplified" many of our belongings. God is so good & he knows the path he is leading us down & we're confident that he has a perfect plan for us if we're obedient to his ways. He has never let us down and has ALWAYS provided our every need. What a hope we have in him. :-)


Nick and Jen Miller said...

Good Luck with everything, we may also be moving in with Nick's parents if we sell the house early.

Why did you decide to move out of the house you are living in?

John and Michelle said...

Good luck in your move. Let us know if you need some help!

How great is it knowing that the Lord knows what he has planned for you?!

Sarah Jane said...

Guys, we'll be praying for guidance for Tim, and peace and patience for you. How great that Tim's parents live around here! Life can happen so fast, and as I thought about your situation, I realized that if it were us, we'd be moving several hours away! We're glad you'll still be close!