Thursday, January 03, 2008

Drama, drama, drama

Okay...our Christmas Eve...after we opened all of our gifts together, the guys took the kids down to Tim's parents church parking lot to ride around on the electric scooter that Shannon had picked up. As Tim was riding it, Devon ran out in front of him so Tim was trying to stop the scooter so he wouldn't hit Devon & when he put his feet down to try to steer himself...his ankle got caught somewhere! Tim said he got off the scooter & said his ankle hurt but it wasn't until he looked down & saw the blood that he knew he had hurt himself! Yeah...there was a hole in his ankle. I couldn't even look at it...I hate blood & all of that. So we went to the Doylestown Hospital ER (since we will no longer go to Grandview after Madden's foot incident!) We spent an hour or so in the ER & Tim needed only 3 stitches...but it was over 1/2 inch the nurse said the stitches were definitely necessary...and they said it was an awkward gash. Here are some pics...beware of the yucky one! (I did spare you from a few other disgusting ones.) He wouldn't let me take pics of them stitching it! (I'm kidding...I did not even ask. Gross!)

Tim's wound...

Waiting to be seen!

Waiting to get stitched up!
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