Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas Morning!!!

After we got the kids in bed, I got all the gifts out for Christmas morning. Hence the first picture. :-) About 2 a.m., Madden woke up by throwing up all over! We were so bummed! So, I cleaned up the whole bed & we washed him off & Tim laid on the couch with him. After I got everything in the washer...I went up to bed. About an hour later I woke up running to the bathroom to throw up! It was awful!!
So, in the morning, Makenzie woke up & although I felt terrible, I grabbed my camera & went downstairs with her to see her gifts. Madden & I were still throwing was not fun. We usually go downstairs together & read the christmas story & do some traditions of our own...but Madden was still so sick...that Tim stayed with him on the couch. That is all I know of after opening gifts with Makenzie as I then ended up in bed all day. Soon to find out that Amara was now throwing up all over Tim's mom. So, that is how we spent christmas day. :-)

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