Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Tim used to play competitive volleyball back in the day, so he was glad to help get a team together in our church league. They've been doing really well & he's been enjoying it very much. A few weeks ago, a few of the "wives" and kids went to the game. Here are a few pics...
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here we go!!!

We're officially moving in with Tim's parents temporarily this weekend! Please pray for everything to go smoothly with the move & that the guys helping will not hurt themselves & for safety overall! :-) We've given & thrown SO much's unbelievable what we've accumulated over the last several years! It feels wonderful to have "simplified" many of our belongings. God is so good & he knows the path he is leading us down & we're confident that he has a perfect plan for us if we're obedient to his ways. He has never let us down and has ALWAYS provided our every need. What a hope we have in him. :-)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Makenzie's Haircut!!!

THANK GOODNESS!!! We actually loved Makenzie's hair when we had it short for a few years in the past. This past year...she insisted on growing her hair out. I tried to convince her to cut it several times...but then decided to have her grow it out because of my sister's wedding. However, ever since then...I really wanted to have it cut. But, she insisted...:-) Last week...she decided she wants the American Girl Doll "Kit" for her birthday from her grandparents to go in on for she wanted to get her hair cut to match "Kit". Now, her b-day is not until March & no one said she was getting "Kit"...but she was SO excited to get her hair cut & she just kept telling Miss Megan (our hairdresser) that she LOVED her new haircut! It was so cute! Miss Megan is AWESOME & we actually started going to her because our first hairdresser at Shear Success moved out of state! So, she recommended Megan to us & we LOVE her. She is GREAT with kids & she does a great job! If you want to try her out...tell her Staci & Makenzie recommended her to you! :-)(She's at Shear Success in Colmar).

Makenzie wanted to stand outside in front of the salon & take a pic. Why not??? :-)
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Here's a picture of this "Kit"! :-)
This is why I've been wanting to cut Makenzie's hair since September! It just wasn't working anymore...a little on the frumpy side. Granted...she just got home from a fun filled day at school! :-)

I peeked through the racks of salon products to get her getting her hair washed...which she LOVES!


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Almost there...



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HOORAY! Makenzie told me that she wanted to go back outside with her NEW haircut & stand in front of the salon on the bench to show it to me & get a picture. :-) She's already thinking like a photographer...:-)


My girly!

Eating her lollipop from Miss Megan!
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cocoa for cocoa puffs!!!

Cocoa puffs...definitely a favorite of our kids in our house! Once in a while, Madden will go into the cabinet when I am getting ready & will grab himself a box of cereal, open it up & munch away! I came down to see him enjoying an episode of Little Einsteins & his box of cocoa puffs. It was cute. Definitely sporting a nice "rag-a-muffin" style for this morning! :-)



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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The story of our lives...

Oh, how sweet! Madden is giving his baby sister a special kiss! He loves her!

Oh, the love quickly turns to "I'm bigger & stronger than you", SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH (right into little roo's face!!) :-(

Oh, little, Amara! Are you okay??

Big sister, Makenzie steps in & takes matters into her own hands...CUP OF WATER RIGHT ON YOUR HEAD LITTLE BROTHER! GIRL POWER!!! :-)
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Finally...some snow has arrived!!!

Yes, we did get a small accumulation of snow the other's already gone. :-( But, the kids had a great time playing out in the snow! I took some pics as they enjoyed the newly fallen snow! Amara was a little tired & watching a little I had to get back in to be with her...but I had fun for the little bit that I was out there with them. Madden was loving it! Makenzie was loving it & wanting to eat it! Here are some pics from their fun night!



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Anything that Madden can draw shapes in...he is loving it! He was very excited when he realized if he took his mittens off & he could draw circles! I loved how I could see his boot prints behind him so I took the opportunity to take pictures of that as he kept bending down to draw circles. :-)



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