Wednesday, December 19, 2007

They're in the mail!!!

Well, this is my last blog update until after the holidays. I've been busy for the last few days just getting all caught up with my blog. Not that I was ever behind...but I had wanted to post our holiday activities & family portraits on I had to get them all edited. :-) I had designed my christmas cards back in November after I took the kids' pictures...but I was busy during the beginning of December editing pictures I had taken for families for christmas! :-) So, I finally got my cards all addressed & mailed today!! Some of you have gotten your cards because if I knew I was going to see someone I would bring it along...however, they may or may not get to "you & yours" before christmas. But, at least they are in the mail!! :-) I have also posted some of my favorites from our kids' holiday photo session. What an interesting day that was! It was the day before Thanksgiving & I had seen on the weather that it was going to be like 60 I planned it out nicely as we had a beautiful day! Plus, I had another portrait session that I was all pictured out! :-) Enjoy seeing our festivities & again, have a wonderful christmas! Until next post...haha. :-)
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