Monday, December 10, 2007

Outing with Mommy!!

On Saturday morning, I took the kids to the mall to visit Santa Claus. Of course, it's a sad thing nowadays how the holidays can be...I couldn't take any pictures of my kids on Santa's lap unless I bought a picture package from the company there with Santa...with the cheapest package being $19.99 for some very shabby looking photos. :-( Unfortunately, then, I didn't get any of the kids sitting on Santa's lap...but I took some pictures of the kids waiting in line & a girl in front of us took a picture of all of us together. :-) They had a lot of fun seeing Santa, although Madden was just happy giving him a "5" and standing next to him. We then did some shopping & walked around. Of course we had to visit the kids favorite stores in a trade off for me to go into a few of my own. :-) So, they had to go to the Disney Store & the pet store. They behaved very well & were very patient. It was a nice morning out!



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